2023 Wealth Builders Research

Insights to help achieve multigenerational wealth

Our research into wealth builders offers advice to help you raise successful children, plan for the future of your family business, and encourage younger generations to build on your legacy

Key takeaways

A drawing of a hand cupping a dollar sign in a circle, showing financial support
Wealth builders want their children to succeed on their own and forge their own path
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Parents have concerns about whether their children are prepared to maintain and build family wealth
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If you have a family business, succession planning may be more complicated than you anticipate
A stylized drawing of a tree bearing round fruit, showing that learning more bears fruit
Wealth transfer and legacy planning require ongoing communication, education, and focused efforts

How can you encourage generational success?

To understand the concerns and opportunities of self-made millionaires, we conducted an in-depth research study. The findings provide insight into what you can do to help enhance your wealth and estate planning.

“Financial success is being financially independent, being able to support oneself, and also being able to help those around you when they're in need.”
– Quote from interview with wealth builder

How to keep wealth in the family

Maintaining generational wealth takes work — which may include sharing personal stories, opening up about difficult topics, and having a plan to educate your children about your wealth, your business, and your philanthropy.

“I want my children to be good stewards of what's been given to them. I want them to learn. I want them to be more involved, more thoughtful.”
– Quote from interview with wealth builder

Generational success

Generational success

Graph reading "94%"
Graph reading "44%"

business planning

Family business planning

Graph reading 52%"

Wealth transfer

Wealth transfer

Graph reading "83%"

Wealth management

Wealth management

Graph reading "54%"

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Learn more about what we heard from wealth builders in our research report. If you’d like our help in getting the conversation started with your children, contact your advisor.

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